busypeopleLet’s be honest. You’re the:

  • Breakfast Barista
  • Tots’ Taxi
  • Nightly Nutritionist
  • Middle-of-the-night Medic
  • And that’s not when you’re at work 8-5 (or more)!

Most of us want to be good citizens but we also want to be good employees so we can pay the bills and to be good parents so our kids aren’t living in our basement when they’re 40. Sometimes that means voting takes a backseat, except maybe in November when there’s a big Presidential or Governor’s race. 


  • Of 1.7 million voters in Kansas, only 1 in 5 vote in August.
  • When the majority doesn’t vote, the minority voice is loudest – and in charge.


Would you vote if a ballot landed in your mailbox, when you could take a minute to Google the candidates?
What if you had access to candidate surveys from various organizations where you could decide for yourself whether a candidate deserved your vote?

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